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The Defense You Need Against Aggravated Malicious Wounding Charges

Virginia has a unique criminal offense that involves the intent to stab, maim or wound a person that results in a severe injury or permanent impairment. This crime is called aggravated malicious wounding, and it is a felony.

At Whaley Paules, LLC, our attorneys understand the legal details of aggravated malicious wounding because we have defended hundreds of clients from charges of it. We have steadfastly represented Virginians since 1979, providing outstanding defense against incredibly serious criminal charges.

What Are The Penalties?

As a Class 3 violent felony, the results of a conviction for aggravated malicious wounding can prove life-altering. If convicted, you will have the stigma of being a convicted felon. You also face a variety of other criminal penalties, including:

  • A prison sentence of 20 years to life
  • A fine of up to $100,000

The penalties become even more severe if the alleged victim is a pregnant woman. The state has additional considerations for cases involving pregnant women. If an attack results in the involuntary termination of a woman’s pregnancy, it counts as a significant, permanent impairment.

We Intend To Win

While the charges against you may seem hopeless, our team will never give up. When we take your case, we mean to win. We use many strategies that have proven successful in previous cases, including disputing the intent to cause harm and challenging the significance or permanence of the injury. Our lawyers have secured acquittals, dismissed charges, reduced sentences and alternative sentencing for clients in some of the most dire state and federal cases imaginable.

Seek Our Strong Defense – Ask For A Consultation

The consequences of a conviction are too severe to ignore. Fortunately, at Whaley Paules, LLC, we can defend you from them. As soon as you believe that you are under investigation, contact us to set up an initial consultation. Call 804-234-3844 or send us an email to contact our Richmond office.