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Protection And Guidance As You Face Federal Charges

You have every reason to be scared if you have been charged or are under investigation for a federal crime. If convicted, you can face harsh penalties such as prison time and steep fines in addition to the lifetime of consequences that come from being a convicted felon.

The only way to avoid these infringements on your rights and freedoms is to aggressively fight back and derail the prosecution’s attempt to convict you. In Richmond and throughout Virginia, that means arming yourself with the skilled representation of Whaley Paules, LLC.

Our Federal Criminal Defense Practice

We defend individuals in federal court against a variety of felony charges, including:

  • White collar crimes: Including money laundering, securities fraud, extortion, bribery, kickbacks, mail fraud and wire fraud
  • Firearm offenses: Including unlawful possession, transportation or sales of a firearm.
  • Drug crimes: Including manufacturing, distributing, possessing with the intent to distribute or trafficking of a controlled substance and conspiracy to commit federal drug crimes

Our record speaks for itself and includes taking over 450 criminal cases to trial. We have helped clients just like you fight back and protect their rights, reputations and freedoms in the face of federal criminal charges. We can reduce your exposure to criminal penalties as well as collateral consequences such as restrictions on your right to own and possess a firearm.

Understanding Federal Minimum Sentencing

The federal government has something called mandatory minimum sentencing. Judges have little to no leeway when it comes to sentencing crimes that accompany a mandatory minimum sentence. This means that if convicted of a federal drug violation, you may have to serve a minimum sentence of several years in jail – even if you were convicted for a comparatively minor offense

Put A Proven Fighter On Your Side

You need a strong defense to protect your rights and reputation in the face of federal criminal charges. Call 804-234-3844 or contact us online to discuss your defense options with an experienced lawyer.